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Countires in the UK

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About UK

Do you know there are four countries in the UK? Find the facts of each country and know their people, lifestyle, geography, weather and more before you decide to visit.

London Eye Chalo London


England’s capital city is London. Out of four countries in the UK, England is the larger and most populous one. With a more than 50,000 square miles area (about 130,000 sq km) England is the home for the most diverse population in excess of 56 million. The other major cities in England are Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds which developed during the industrial revolution of the 19th century. World’s renowned Universities like Oxford and Cambridge are in England.

About Wales Chalo


With just over 3 million people and around 8,000 square miles area (approximately 20,000 sq km) is admired for its tall mountains and scenic landscapes. Capital city is Cardiff which is around 150 miles west of London City. Newport and Swansea are other notable cities of Wales. Although Welsh is the official language, English is a common language and widely spoken in Wales. With its beautiful beaches, breathtaking terrain, clear lakes and stunning mountains, Wales is the first choice for holidays.

About Scotland Chalo


The most northern country of the UK is Scotland which is made up of 790 islands. With over 30,000 square miles of area (just close to 78,000 sq km), Scotland has nearly 5.5 million people living in various cities, towns and villages. Scotland is known as land of lakes (called Lochs) and mountains (called Glenns). Scotland is also famous for its distilleries, who wouldn’t admire the Scotch Whisky? The bagpipers and the kilts (checkered skirts) come to our mind when we think of Scotland.

About N Ireland Chalo


Part of the island of Ireland, but belonging to the UK, Northern Ireland is well known for its Causeway coasts, glacial ways and natural beauty. When you think of Northern Ireland, widely viewed fantasy TV drama Game of Thrones and fateful Titanic shipbuilding yards surely come into your mind. The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The area of NI is 5,500 square miles (14,000 sq km) with a 1.9 million population. NI is also known as Ulster, which encompasses the Irish culture.

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Knowledge is power, especially when you are in a foreign place and where you may not have close friends or relatives. It is hugely advantageous to thoroughly know about a place before you plan to visit.

London is the world’s top most city to visit. And most admired for its rich history, grand architecture, fabulous nightlife and attractive shopping experience. No wonder the city welcomes millions of tourists from all around the world each year. Right in the middle Asia & America and very next to mainland Europe, The UK is an ideal place to visit. And it is convenient to combine your trip if you already plan to travel to the US or Europe.

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“..when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

by Samuel Johnson

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Flags of UK Countries

Although union jack is universally recognised as UK flag, a few may rethink what are the flags of four countries in the UK. See if you can tell which flag represents what country. Not a clue? Just hover over the text box to reveal the country name!

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Wales Flag Chalo London


Scotland Flag Chalo London


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