Book decent accommodation before you travel and save your money. There is a wide range of places to stay during your visit to London or the UK. Looking for a luxury hotel? Planning to stay in a self-catered apartment? Or searching for rented, sharing student accommodation? Relax, Chalo London is on your side to find a suitable place for you at affordable prices.

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What is a BnB

What is a B&B?

Bed and Breakfast type accommodations offer bed (based on how many nights’ stay) and breakfast (English or continental) included in the price quoted. They are a no-nonsense most common type of accommodation for staying in the UK if you are visiting a place as a tourist or as a holiday maker. You can book it for a weekend, a mid-week or even just for one night based on your requirement.

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Why choose a B&B?

The beauty of these B&Bs is they are run by private individuals who are passionate about looking after the guests and providing personal attention to lodgers. These accommodation places got character and local flavour so that you can comfortably enjoy your stay with friendly staff and surroundings. Majority of tourists prefer B&Bs for their size, choice, location and price.

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How much it costs

The prices per night per person, as they are usually quoted, vary widely from as low as £25 to over £100 based on the location, property, grades, and season. What makes B&Bs more attractive is their grading or rating is done by travel organisations like the AA and Visit Britain to assist you to choose your B&B based on their quality and facilities offered.

B&Bs are the most popular and widely preferred type of accommodation in the UK. Whether you are a family with young children or friends in a group, B&Bs are a convenient and most common staying method you can choose. Do you know you get free hot drinks making facilities provided in B&Bs?

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UK HOTEL deals?

Booking hotels for business or for private visits is a popular choice. Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. From Luxury 5 star hotels to budget value inns, from independent to chain of lodges, there are plenty of places awaiting your stay in London or UK. Chalo London is on your side to help get the best deals and leads for your tailor made requirements.

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HOSTELS for you!

If you want to stay in a decent place that is away from the usual crowd and at a very attractive price, then you got to book a hostel accommodation. Set in scenic places, the hostel properties are beautiful buildings with a lot of character and importance. Very well maintained and often include large communal kitchens for self-catering facilities, hostels are the best type of accommodation available for backpackers, groups, families and lone travellers with the adventure in mind.

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COTTAGES to dwell

Countryside of the UK is so beautiful - lush green landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges, spectacular beaches and stunning forests - a traveler's delight to see and stay in the wild. Cottages are the best places to stay to complement your visit to the countryside. With lots of character and charm, the cottages are the finest old buildings from outside. But, equipped with modern facilities inside for families to enjoy their stay.

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Coming to the UK with your family to live here? Searching for Student lets while you study in the UK? Looking for serviced accommodation for long term stay in the UK? Housing section of Chalo London is loaded with information for you to find what you are looking for.

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