How to get a UK Visa?

Visa is a permission or endorsement by the relevant authorities to enter, travel through, leave or stay in a foreign country. There are a number of types of visas to choose from. Student visas, work visas, family visas, tourist visas, entrepreneur visas, business visa, medical visa, etc. In this section Chalo London aims to provide you with the useful info and related links for applying for UK visas.



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Do you need a visa to visit London or the UK?

To visit the UK, you may need a visa. 

Checking whether you need a visa or not and then applying for the required visa is easy when you get proper information.

Please check here if you need a visa to visit the UK. You will have to provide your nationality, purpose of visit, and a few more details of your family members if you plan to join them during your visit.

Once you know that you do need a visa, start the visa applying process at least 3 months before your planned travel.

What type of UK visa do you need to apply for?

Once you know that you need a visa, now it is time to decide the type of visa to apply for. It is fairly easy to choose what type of visa you need to visit the UK.

The common reasons to visit the UK are study, work, family visit, business, holidays, medical, or even just transit.

If you are not sure what type of visa to apply for visiting the UK, check this detailed Visa and Immigration link here.

Alternatively, please contact VFS Global here.

Once you know the purpose, then the relevant sections provide what steps to follow so that you get a visa in the prescribed time.

What are the eligibility requirements for applying for a UK visa?

Please make sure you meet the criteria to get a UK visa. Eligibility requirements vary based on the purpose of visit, duration of your stay in the UK and how fast you want to get a UK Visa approved.

Applying for a study visa? Check here.

Coming to work in the UK? Click here.

For Visitor visas, find more info here.

Student visas and work visas require a Sponsor.

For example the sponsor for a study visa may be a University or an educational institute which offers you a course. Or an employer is a sponsor, if you are applying for a work visa.

For a standard visitor visa, you generally need an invitation letter from your contact in the UK.

What documents you need, how much funds to show and what other minimum eligibility requirements you need to apply for a UK visa is important to know.

Please check what documents you need here.

Unless you apply for a settlement visa, you must prove that you will leave the UK after your visa period.

Do you know you need to get a TB test if you are coming to the UK for more than 6 months. Check here for more details here.

Based on your country of residence you may need a TB test, check which countries needed here.

How to apply for a UK Visa?

It is mandatory to apply for a UK visa online. So you must have an email ID to apply for a UK visa. Start here to apply for a UK visa.

Please make sure you have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.

Need help in applying for a passport? Check the full info here. 

During your online application, fill in all the details and pay the required fee.

How much is the UK visa fee? It depends on the type and duration of the visa you want to apply for.

After fee payment, book an appointment at VFS offices close to your place.

How to contact your local VFS office?

Details here.

Applying from North of India?

See the Northern VFS Global offices here.

Applying from West of India?

Search VFS Global Western offices here.

Applying from East of India?

Check the VFS Global Eastern offices here.

Applying from South of India?

Find the VFS Global Southern offices here.

How much are the UK visa fees?

UK Visa fees depend on the purpose of your visit, duration of your stay in the UK and how fast you want to get a UK Visa approved.

Start here if you want to know the up to date visa fee information for any type of visa.

Applying for a study visa? Check here.

Coming to work in the UK? Click here.

For Visitor visas, find more info here.