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Aiming for a better life in London or the UK? Chalo London provides you a taste of UK lifestyle even before you travel. Know here how to achieve higher living standards, find options for your education needs, get links for jobs and tips for saving your money. Don’t forget, our decades of experiences surely help you to get more out of your visit in your shopping, health and leisure needs.

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Search here for your perfect school, college, or university in the UK. Find top educational institutes that offer the world's best study options. Looking for Ph D or research choices? Chalo London provides links for your needs.

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Before you find better prospects, check your eligibility. Chalo London helps you search for a perfect job, tips to reach decent employers. Find here what UK work culture mean to you. Are you an entrepreneur? World of opportunities awaits your innovation and niche skills. Learn how to avoid employment scams and reach genuine employers.


If you are looking for work in the UK, make sure you meet eligibility criteria. Check you what qualifications, experience and visa required to work in the UK.


How to find your dream job in the UK? Tips to tweak your CV for a perfect position, links to reach top rated employers, and to sense scams for your safety.


Knowing work ethics before you accept a potential job is vital for your longevity in the UK. Chalo London experienced professionals are here to help you.


High caliber professionals are always welcome to innovate in the UK. Got ambition to reach high? Possess talent to transform your ideas into products or services?

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When you want to achieve a better life, you also need to look after your hard earned money so that you can enjoy life in the UK. With right information and useful links, Chalo London is loaded with topics on Money that are aimed at saving you a bit of cash. Find here the following key points to understand money matters a bit better:

* Please note that we are not experts in advising on money matters, we are only going to provide information and links so that you take professional advice and choose your options.

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Shopping in London or in major cities or towns of the UK is an experience in itself. Quality brands, unique products and snappy deals - probably you won't get such an affair anywhere else. Apart from cheap online deals, you should check the shopping options here at Chalo London and treat yourself to a great bargain! All four seasons' and many special occasions' including Bank Holiday deals await your shopping tour. Shop smart and save loads!

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Most cities and towns got highstreets bursting with great shopping deals. Have a nice walk around the shops, gossip with friends, have a snack or light lunch and coffee. The shopping experience is unforgettable!
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Do you know there are numerous shopping villages spread in various regions of the UK? Top luxury brands got outlets in these shopping villages offering up to 70% off on clothing, beauty, home and accessories.
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Your one stop shopping experience achieved in modern shopping malls across the UK. From smaller towns to the populous cities, you can access at least one shopping mall that offers a great shopping experience.

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It’s dreadful to fall ill when you are in a foreign country, especially when you want to enjoy your holidays here in London or the UK. Keeping fit is the best way to prevent getting unwell. Chalo London provides a wealth of info on the health centres, gyms, yoga and meditation institutes across the UK. Free resources for keeping healthy is easy when you are well informed. In hindsight, what to do

if you do need health emergencies? Find here all the links you may require to reach health professionals and how to deal with your health problems.



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Everwonder what activities or facilities are available to get occupied in your leisure time? There are plenty of methods to get busy in your weekends or free time. Chalo London stored tons of info on how to pass your time to pursue your hobby in leisure time. Love cricket or football or tennis or rugby? Britain is the origin of some of the best sports in the world and offers the finest facilities. British art, theater and music are world renowned and the UK is home for top artists and performers of the globe. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to travel Britain for holidays. Check all the options available in our LEISURE section.


Love sports? From ametuer to pro, there are abundant options to choose from. County level to national level teams welcome new players based on your talent and skills. Find here how to take part or be a fan of your favourite sport. Don’t forget to visit the world famous stadiums and relive the moments that made history in the sporting world.


British cinema earned global awards for its acclaimed works. If you are mad at movies, then there is plenty to celebrate in Britain. Fabulous cinema facilities, many star cities showing hollywood, Bollywood and world movies for you. Check here where to find tickets for your favourite movie and watch blockbusters at best possible prices.


There are year around music festivals in the UK. Top music artists of the world tour the major cities of Britain to move the music lovers in grand arenas. Find here how to get free or cheap tickets gigs, as they are called in the UK, or music events. Got talent in singing? Brilliant opportunities to raise your voice to learn music here in the UK.


The best way to spend your leisure time is to go on a holiday in the UK. From pristine corn beaches to breathtaking mountains and from busy cities to immaculate scenic countryside, Britain is the best place for holidays. Search here where to go, when to go and how to get great deals on your dream holidays and inspiring ideas in the UK.